Sunday, March 19, 2006

The Camp Out

The day-after-St.Patrick's-Day camp out was a great success. I made sandwiches, and we had chips and grapes, so the only part of the meal that required cooking was the s'mores for dessert. That turned out to be a good thing, since Ed had told me Not To Worry about gathering wood for a little campfire because he had A Plan. His plan, when the time came, proved to be a Motor Trend shoved into a flower pot and set ablaze. That worked about as well as you might expect (wierd colored flames, lots of smoke, and probably toxic fumes, but it burned out quickly, leaving sticky ashes all over the patio). We wound up toasting marshmallows over a couple candles. It sounds kind of pitiful, but T. kept exclaiming happily, "This is the best day of my life," and K. was just glowing with pleasure.

After dinner, we got ready for bed, and all climbed into our little tent. I hadn't realized before how hard the ground in our backyard is. We all squinched together with our pillows and blankets, I read some stories, then we turned out the lamp. Then the kids noticed Shadows on the sides of the tent. Ed went out and investigated the shadow casters, which turned out to be trees, not monsters, but the kids decided that we should finish the night Inside the house. We all noticed how comfortable our bed is as we snuggled down, and everyone agreed that it had been a Great camp-out.

*The picture shows Katie eating her s'more, which is a messy proposition, but she was game.


Celena said...

Oh wow, that's really neat! You guys are so fun!

Cherrypie said...

As Oliver Twist once said " Please can I have some s'mores?"

Melora said...

Good one, Cherry Pie!