Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Covered Dishes and Uncovered Politics

Spent the day peacefully at home. Ed took the car off to the shop this morning to have the brakes worked on, a bit of automotive spending pleasure that even his cheapskate wife wouldn't deprive him of. He got to read car magazines and doze, and we slept late and then read stories. T. managed to make his school work last most of the day, but I decided to "bump" Bible study back to tomorrow and let Hana come play for an hour or so before church (mostly because he had worn me out).

The church is having a series, for Lent, of pot luck suppers followed by a segment of a history film series about church history, a talk by Father Goldberg, and then a discussion. The first night was on the church in the middle ages, and the film was hopelessly dull, and no one had anything to say. The second night was on the Reformation, which was a more interesting film, and the discussion was more lively. Tonight was on the church in the United States, with emphasis on the separation of church and state, and touched on the position of Christians when the laws of the state conflict with what they perceive as the laws of God. The film was quite interesting, and the discussion afterward became pretty heated. Most of the discussion was about immigration, both past and present, immigration laws, and what position, if any, the church should take on the issue. A few people made comments that were so outrageous that I hope they were kidding, but mostly it was a good, serious discussion. Ed is a bit annoyed with me for "shushing" him a couple times when he tried to launch into his political rant, but he will forgive me, and I don't think it was the right forum.

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