Thursday, March 16, 2006

Feeling Mildly Woeful and Drinking the Last of the Cream Sherry

I've picked up enough work over the past week or so that we'll be able to pay our bills, which is a huge relief, but the down side is that I'm having to fit T.'s school work in in odd snatches throughout the day. Ed gets annoyed with me when I mention either of these worries (not enough money, not enough time), and says that I'm never happy. That's not really true -- I'm happy when I have just enough work to pay the bills, but not so much that I have no time with the kids. The problem is, that is a very fine line, and most of the time is closer to feast or famine. It wouldn't be so bad if we hadn't blown most of our savings on that bogus real estate advertising service. I still can hardly believe how dumb we were to sign up with them. If this house ever sells, that is one stupid financial mistake we probably won't make again!

I Need Chocolate. I'm supposed to be working on a report, while Ed takes the kids to gymnastics, and instead I am unable to concentrate (therefore blogging instead of working) because I Need Chocolate. Why, oh why didn't I consider that a side effect of having the family give up chocolate to see if K's allergy symptoms would decrease would be that There Is NO Chocolate in the house. At all. We ate the last of the bag of chocolate chips (meant for cookies) yesterday. The only baking chocolate we have is unsweetened. I've had bread with honey, a couple handfuls of pecans, and the last of the cream sherry my parents left here, and my calorie needs are met for the day, but I am not satisfied. Maybe it would be easier if I decided to think of it as a Lenten sacrifice?


Jules said...

I am so with you- on both the not enough money, and the not enough chocolate!

I love chocolate too and usually always have a stash somewhere in the house. I tried giving it up for Lent a couple of years ago but that lasted about three days! ;)

I keep hoping that hubby will get a promotion or something that will allow me to stay home but it doesn't look like it will happen any time soon. And he also gets irritated with me when I complain about having to work and not having enough time in my day. So I try to just do my thing and not keep wishing for something I can't have. It's hard though! I can surely sympathize with you!
Next year I want to bring the kids home again and I have a lot of doubts about my ability to get it all done. I will have to look to you for inspiration! ;)

Celena said...

Ok, so, I missed a few posts, so I'm combining my comments here.

People still think that teachers should hit their students?!?

Are you selling your home by owner?

Your kids are REALLY cute, and I love that pic of your daughter on the swing!

That is all.

Melora said...

Judging by the many comments in favor of child smacking and the lack of comments opposed at the Wednesday night meeting, I'd have to say that a fair lot of people still think that corporal punishment is an aid to education. Our sample population is definitely skewed toward the elderly traditionalists, though, since we are Episcopalians in Florida.

We are selling our home ourselves, but made a monumental blunder in using Buy Owner to advertise. A good friend from church, whose good financial sense I really admire, recommended Buy Owner because she had used them to sell a couple houses in Orlando with good success. They charge about 1/4 of what a 7% real estate commission would be, and they put a virtual tour of the house on the internet. They also claim that they do television and newspaper advertising, but, it turns out, this varies according to where you are located. We were sold on the program by a very convincing and extremely dishonest sales woman, who got our check and never returned a call again. A couple weeks later, we were told that most of what she had promised were lies, and we were pretty much out of luck. Ed still says that maybe someone will see our ad and fall in love with the house, but so far we have had no response to their ad. I think the only people who go to their web site are people who are trying to sell houses with them. Now we are paying for our own advertising in our local paper. Not that I'm bitter or anything!

Thank you for the nice compliment on my kiddos. I think they are pretty fantastic.