Wednesday, March 15, 2006


Worked today, and squeezed in school with T. Some days, his education seems to be going really well, but every once in a while we have a day when I think that I must be completely deranged to be homeschooling. Today, I just Could Not keep his attention. It wouldn't have been so bad, except that we had a lot left over from Monday and Tuesday that I was hoping to fit in, and it just didn't happen today. We will catch up over the weekend, but I sure did get frustrated with that boy today.

We went to a covered dish supper at church tonight. (We brought cupcakes.) It is part of the Lent program, and there is a church history lesson after supper. Tonight's lesson was on the church in the middle ages, so I thought T. might find it interesting. Ha! He and K. were actually pretty good, but there were these little boxes of candles on the table for the candle lighting at the end of the evening, and they kept fiddling with the candles and dropping the candles, and we were sitting at a table surrounded by some pretty critical senior citizens, so it was a little wearing for me. The old lady sitting by Ed told him that our kids should be playing with the other children, who were, at that time, running around outside the church, totally unsupervised, in the dark. The film was pretty dull, but Father Mike's talk was interesting. During the discussion, the subject of education came up, and several people voiced the opinion that public education had gone to pot when teachers were no longer allowed to hit their students. (We are the only homeschoolers at our church.) For some reason, their nostalgia for corporal punishment made me feel better about educating my kids at home.

*The picture is from yesterday, but isn't she cute!
**I couldn't come up with a title for today's entry, and it is bedtime.

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