Sunday, March 12, 2006

In Which T. Does Not Get Beaten Up, and K. Becomes Independent

Well, church went Very Well this morning! Ed stayed home in bed (which is Not part of why things went well, just background). On the way to church, I told T. that he was to behave in Sunday School (obviously, this should go without saying, but I didn't want to leave anything to chance), and that, when the kids came in for communion, he was to come sit with me. In a surprise move, K. declared that she was going to stay in S.S. with her brother. Maybe she thought he needed someone else "on his side?" I figured that someone would bring my tearful daughter in to sit with me soon after the service started, but it never happened.
The O.T. reading was Abraham and Isaac, which is a story I dislike, and the reader was really good (they often aren't), so that listening to the story actually made my stomach go funny. I suppressed a mad urge to stick my fingers in my ears and say "La, La, La! I Can't Hear You!" The homily was marvelous, though -- Father Mike was in Excellent Form. Unfortunately, the couple sitting next to me, who are not regulars at our church, kept up a running critique/commentary throughout the service, which was distracting.
T. came and sat with me when the kids came in for communion, but K. went up with the other kids, and then went Out with the other kids. I was stunned. After the service, I talked to the Sunday School teacher, who said that K. hadn't missed me a bit, and that she had participated, asked questions, and answered questions. She also did the craft, a decorated foam cross, of which she was very proud. The Sunday School teacher made me smile when she told me that she also dislikes the Abraham and Isaac story, and didn't teach it today. When Father Mike explained the story to me once, I did see a little of what the story is supposed to teach us, but I figure that if it is really hard for me, an adult, to appreciate, it is definitely a story that the kids can wait 'til they are older to tackle.

*T. didn't have any trouble in Sunday School, but that may have been because the kids he has been having trouble with weren't there today.


Dy said...

Oh, i'm so proud of K! She's growing up, and she's doing fine. I've been keeping T in my prayers, and really have hope that this situation will improve for him.

Got a smile out of not leaving anything to chance, though. I can't count how many times I've felt compelled to remind the boys not to do things that one would normally imagine go without saying... *sigh*


poolie said...

And i never will