Sunday, March 12, 2006


Another blissful afternoon hanging out in the back yard watching my darlings play! Today I'm reading "Portrait of a Woman: Meditations on the Mother of our Lord, " by Herbert O'Driscoll, which is on-loan from Father Mike, so I kept having to remind the kids Not to spray me (and the book) with the hose.
K. and I made Snickerdoodles this afternoon. She is getting to be quite the good little baker, but she can't resist Tasting the dough from the moment the sugar is added to the butter. We are trying taking all the chocolate out of her/our diet for a few weeks to see if it helps with her allergies. Ed says chocolate gave him hives when he was little (though he certainly eats enough of it now), so I don't know why we haven't tried this before. Well, actually I do know why. K. LOVES chocolate, and her doctor has told us that her allergies are probably environmental (which, I think, means dust, pollen, grass, detergents, etc.). Anyway, the Snickerdoodles are good, although not as good as chocolate chip cookies!


Cherrypie said...

I can't resist tasting the dough the minute the sugar is added either. Your daughter clearly has a very discerning palate.

Do you make Granny Boyd's Biscuits too? Delicious.

Celena said...

Snickerdoodles? I might have to Google that one!

Melora said...

The kids are wild about biscuits! I'll have to look up Granny Boyd's.

poolie said...
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