Wednesday, April 26, 2006

At Least He'll Look Nice for the Funeral

My merciless barrage of comments about Ed’s luxuriant locks finally yielded the desired result – he let me cut his hair tonight.  I think that my putting his hair into braids as he sat at his computer may have been the coup de grace to his plan to re-grow Willie Nelson length tresses.  Whatever the reason, I think he looks so much cuter with shorter hair, and that ought to be worth something.  

Ed’s primary care doctor’s office called today, while he was at the pain specialist’s, to say that they needed him to come in to hear about the results of some blood work he had done recently.  Of course, they want to see him at the same time K. has speech therapy tomorrow, so we’ll make a family outing of it.  What fun!


Dy said...

I'm impressed. I cannot convince Zorak to let me cut his hair. He'll pay someone to butcher it for him, but won't let me near him with so much as playdoh scissors! LOL!

I hope the day-at-the-doctor's goes well for everyone tomorrow!


Cherrypie said...

I still have nightmares about the home cut Mum gave me with the kitchen scissors ( she couldn't have done a worse job with pinking shears) which resulted in an emergency dash to the local hairdressers.

You clever girl x

Melora said...

Growing up, my mom always cut our hair, my dad's included. When I went off to college, I got a "real" haircut, and wound up with wings (it was the early 80's), which was an unfortunate look with frizzy, wavy hair. As a young woman, I got professional haircuts, but I've now come back to the homemade method. Ed does just as well on my hair as anyone else. The haircuts I give to Ed and the kids aren't perfect, but they are good enough, they fit into our schedule when we have time, and the price is right. If the kids want store-bought haircuts when they are older, I'll probably let them have them, but for now, they are fine with a mom cut!