Thursday, April 27, 2006

The Doc Has Never Heard of the Power of Positive Thinking

Ed’s appointment went just about as I expected. The doctor said his white blood cell count was high and ordered a urine test. I figure it’s another bladder infection, but the doctor, who seems to be a bit of a gloomy gus, suggested leukemia. He’ll go in next week for another blood test, and then, maybe, we will know if it is anything serious. This is the same doctor who just gave him a new prescription for stuff to help him sleep at night, even though the old stuff was working fine. The new stuff, though, costs $100 a month. I suspect a cute drug rep at work. (Ed plans to stick with the older cheaper stuff.)

I did another million plus appraisal report today. I think it came out about right, and I went over everything with the boss, who specializes in outrageous properties, but I just don’t feel right about making adjustments where I’m essentially saying, “Oooo – pretty view! Take off $500,000 for that,” and “Gosh, that house has a really snazzy pool and nice woodwork. I’ll take off $250,000 or so!” The boss is going over the report again before I sent it out, but I’ve told her (again) that I prefer doing properties where I feel a little more confident in my adjustments.

On the education front, T. has been trying to convince me that Calvin and Hobbes should count as school reading. I say it is recreational, but I’m glad he picks up and reads something voluntarily. I think I’ve settled on a good science program for next year – My World Science. I think we will try African Savanna/Electricity&Magnetism/Ponds for next year. Now we just need to sell that house, so I’ll have time to implement these best laid plans.

I baked a funny looking loaf of bread today. T. says a blog entry is no good without a picture, so today you see bread.


Dy said...

Your doc sounds a little odd... had to laugh at the cute rep comment, though - that is possibly more true than you know! I sure hope y'all get everything sorted out soon, though, and that Ed's healthy and strong soon.

LOVE that T. feels a blog entry needs a picture. What a sweet, observant little guy! Cool loaf of bread, too. I'll bet it was delicious. mmmmm.


Cherrypie said...

You are so talented.