Saturday, April 29, 2006

Books, Books, Books!

Today’s shopping expedition didn’t go quite as planned, but was, overall, successful.  I persuaded T. that he would enjoy Ramona the Pest as a read-aloud, only to find that the library’s copies appear to be missing.  I called Books-a-Million, and they said they had it in stock for $5.95, so I decided to do the grocery shopping at Wal-mart again (groan!) and stop in at the book store first (grin!).  Only, Books-a Million didn’t have the book, except as part of a four book set.  I grabbed Dr. Doolittle, which is next month’s book group read, and was headed toward the register, when I was waylaid by the Children’s Bargain Books table.  I got a big hardcover My First Encyclopedia, a four pack of Time Warp Trio, The Story of Doctor Doolittle, The Cat Who Wished to Be a Man (Lloyd Alexander), Which Witch (Eva Ibbotson), two Mad Libs, and Get Set for Kindergarten: Discover and Explore (Rosemary Wells) for $27, after my nice 20% homeschool discount!  How is That for shopping?  I still don’t have Ramona, but I’m feeling pretty kindly toward the bookstore anyway.

To continue on a book-ish theme, we finished David and the Phoenix, which got T.’s highest accolade of “I loved that!  Do you think there are anymore?”  I finished For All the Saints, by N.T. Wright, which was interesting.  Now we are starting new books, which is always exciting.  I started Notes from a Small Island, by Bill Bryson, which is a fun change of pace, and we started on Peter and the Starcatchers last night.  I think we will like Peter, but I still want to start reading the Ramona books as well.  T. loved the Henry and Ribsy books, and I’m sure he’ll like Ramona, and I think K. would really get a kick out of Ramona.  Do you think having two chapter books going at the same time would be confusing?

We watched The Incredibles last night.  What a great movie!  Now, though, K. wants to play “pretend I’m a baby who turns into fire and then a monster,” which strains my creative play abilities.


CeCe said...

I love Ramona! I can't remember much, it was a long time since I've read them, but I remember loving them!

Dy said...

That's where a toddler-sized sibling comes in handy. The boys make Smidge be Jack-Jack and I get of pretty much scott-free. *whew*

I don't think having several books going at once is confusing at all. We actually like it, although at 7 and 5, their retention is sometimes a little distressing. But they do that with tooth brushing and finding their shoes, too. Anyway, we just finished Mark Twain: Boy of Old Missouri and The Silver Chair - read simultaneously. No problems. We usually read one at lunch and one at bedtime, so they have the routine they so desperately crave. (hee hee)