Friday, April 28, 2006

If I Bring an Umbrella, It Never Rains

We bought a three month membership at the local pool today. I’m hoping that buying a non-refundable pool membership will be the magic charm that makes our house sell soon – perhaps this weekend? My darling mom sent us the money for this special treat several weeks ago, but I’ve been saving it, thinking that our buyers would show up, and we would want a pool membership in our new hometown. If we wait too long, though, school will let out, and I don’t enjoy the pool nearly so much when we have to share it with Other People.

We had the pool to ourselves today, with the exception of a few sunbathing adults. The lifeguard came out of wherever it is he normally sits, just for us! Our pool is really lovely, with what they call “zero entry,” which means that on one side, the concrete just slopes gently into the pool, just like at the beach, except with no sand, drop-off, undertows, rip-tides, or sharks. I meant to bring the camera, but forgot. We’ll be going back next week (unless the house sells this weekend, of course!), so I’ll take some pictures then.

We had a call and an e-mail on the house today, plus we talked it up to the nice people who work at the pool, who said that someone they know is looking for a house. Lawn Dawn came today, and the yard is looking nice, so maybe this is the big weekend. Even if our buyers don’t show, it’s going to be a glorious weekend!


Dy said...

Ooooo, what a good idea!

I love those zero-entry pools. They're easier on the ol' Mom than those horrible steps (which are difficult to navigate with children dangling from every appendage, scampering for higher ground with each step).

I thought of you tonight as I made my first loaf of bread from the new book - yours looks better than mine (I think I was so excited over the prospect of eating well-textured bread again that I over-beat it... profusely.) Ah, well, that just means another loaf tomorrow, right? :-)


Cherrypie said...

I've got everything crossed for you. Have a fab weekend, Melora xx

Melora said...

I Love that pool. When I got cold and wimped out on the sidelines, the kids could still play on the shallow side of the rope, and no one sank. Of course, just before we left, K. took off her floaty vest and made a mad dash out into the deep water, causing Ed, the lifeguard, and me to leap up and rush to her aid (the excellence of the floaty vest had given her the mistaken impression that she knows how to swim).
I love new bread books!

Cherrypie -- Thank you!!