Sunday, April 02, 2006

Drive Past Quickly, or Prepare to be Boarded!

I asked Ed to set the clocks forward last night, and, sweet fellow that he is, he did. Being also a man who believes that, if a little of something is a good thing, a lot will be even better, he set our bedroom clock two hours forward. So, we were up with the little birdies this morning, with plenty of time to get ready for church. Grrrr.

Evidence of our growing desperation about this whole house selling thing is that Ed has taken to lurking by the front door, and dashing out madly to attempt to drag people inside if they drive slowly past our house. Okay, well he's done it once now, and it really surprised me (and I can only imagine how the people in the car felt, although he says they had stopped their car and were taking notes). He is Not a shy person (and thank goodness for that!).


CeCe said...

OH! Is THAT what I should be doing?!? Ok, next time someone drives by, I'm out there!

Amy said...

I almost did this once. This guy drove up and pulled the info out of the box an sat there writing things down. Then he drove away slowly, only to come back and stop again. I was three steps to the door to go invite him in when I realized that I still had on my pajama bottoms (woody the woodpecker swinging golf clubs). Needless to say I did not go out and introduce myself.


Dy said...

LOL! I love it. Good for him.

Dy said...

ACK!!! I saw your post on the board this morning and came here looking for d-e-t-a-i-l-s!! There are no details!

OK, fine, I'll go be productive and check back later. ;-)

Praying extra prayers this morning.