Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Merry Men and Beautiful Maidens

The Robin Hood park day was a great success. The kids had loads of fun acting out scenes from the book, with one of the moms reading the story and the “actors” saying a few lines. Everyone brought a dish to share, theoretically something the merry men might have eaten, but we brought oatmeal raisin cookies and cheese straws. The kids got a kick out of practicing medieval table manners while eating, which apparently involved a lot of waving of drumsticks and belching. K. and T. both had fun with their acting roles, with T. as Robin trying to knock Little John off the bridge (the boy playing Little John was smaller but much more ferocious than my easy-going goofball – good thing they were battling with Styrofoam noodles!), and K. as the queen pardoning Robin Hood (we made a minor plot change by switching King Richard out for a kindly queen, so K. could have a role that suited her). It was a good afternoon, and I got my reward when T. successfully identified verbs, adverbs, nouns, pronouns, adjectives, and prepositions in sentences after we got home (something with which we’ve been struggling).

We haven’t heard back yet from the realtor who called last night, but I haven’t lost hope. What happened was that the realtor who visited last weekend (the one who said she liked the house for herself) called last night and said that she had a buyer who wanted the house, and she wanted to know what our minimum was because they wanted to make an offer. Yes, we know, smart sellers wouldn’t have told their minimum, but, at this point, I think any pretense of our being smart is over. We told her our minimum, adding on for our closing costs and her commission. She said it sounded reasonable, but she thought our estimate of the closing costs was too high. We told her that they came from BuyOwner, and that (in keeping with our streak of stupidity) we had signed a paper agreeing to close with BuyOwner or pay them Another 1%. We faxed her the paperwork showing their figures, and now I guess we just sit back and HOPE.
The really strange part was that she claimed that her buyers had seen the house a few years ago, so they didn’t need to look at it before making an offer. We’ve owned the house for eight years, and when I mentioned this, she said that it had been less than eight years ago that they had seen it, but repeated that they were familiar with the house and the neighborhood. Weird, eh?

*I've been trying and trying to post pictures for this entry since yesterday, and they Just Wouldn't Load. I just checked Blogger's trouble shooting guide, and tried Firefox instead of IE, and they loaded just fine.


CeCe said...

Possibly weird, but more likely CREEPY! Hopefully it works out though!

mommy to four j's said...

What cute pics.

Cherrypie said...

Nottingham and Sherwood Forest are not far from here. I used to take Jack when he was Travis' age. He wore a green felt hat for an entire summer.

He still thinks Baloo lives in the Castle. The Power of Disney!