Sunday, April 16, 2006

Happy Easter

Easter was lovely! Despite getting distracted on Saturday by that wretched realtor calling with another weird pseudo-offer, we got the eggs decorated and everything ready (by the skin of our teeth) by bedtime. This morning, K. ate an entire chocolate bunny before church, and was a little squirmy during the service, but it was a wonderful service anyway, and the egg hunt afterwards was fun. Tonight, we had our "big" Easter dinner (big for us, since we don't entertain much!), and everything went well. All the food turned out fine, and everyone behaved themselves. The friends who joined us for dinner are the sorts who pitch in and help with getting things on the table, getting the kids served, and then getting things off the table again, so Ed and I got to relax and enjoy the evening too.


Dy said...

No! NO, you blogged Friday, then Sunday! We didn't get to hear about the wretched realtor and the pseudo-offer! What did she do?

That is one awesome looking cake! Did you make it? It's great!


Cherrypie said...

That looks like fun. Love the rainbow colours of the eggs xx

Melora said...

Thank you both! I did make the cake (with a mix!), and I thought it was cute, too.

Sarah said...

Oh, too cute! Looks like you all had fun!