Monday, April 24, 2006

If You Sell for Over a Million, Someone Else Does the Packing!

I had to drive over the bridge this morning, for an inspection on the island. The view of the ocean from the top of the bridge is really pretty, but it would be much nicer without all those condos and houses cluttering things up. We’re headed into hurricane season again, so who knows?

My inspection went okay, but those rich people and their big houses just kill me. The sellers are an older couple, and the exquisitely dressed wife told me that she was doing her best to pack up. Then she sat back down to chat with her realtor about her various other houses, and how hard all this rearranging is. As I was inspecting, I almost bumped into the maid, who was dashing about doing the actual cleaning and packing. That’s the way to move!

We got up to the Mayan Empire in history today, and T. found the Mayans moderately interesting. Nothing like coneheaded kings and soccer games where the losers lose their heads to liven up a lesson.

* I did not mean to suggest by my title that there is a mysterious but kindly agency that sends out maids to those who sell their homes for huge lots of money, but only that, if one has the excellent sense to be obscenely rich, there is probably already a maid on staff to do the packing up.


Cherrypie said...

I am not smiling at the thought of the oncoming hurricane season. Really, I'm not. I'm just full of the joys of spring. Honest! Titter titter.

CeCe said...

So, have you come up with an absolute last date where you'll take your house off the market?

Melora said...

No, Cece, we don't have a last date. That isn't to say that I won't eventually tear the sign out of the front yard, throw it in the drainage ditch, and give up in despair after the 1000th "looky-loo" has wandered lackadaisically through my house. Today Is the last day of our latest ad in the newspaper, and I think we are going to stick with signs for a while. I'm tired of spending a hundred dollars a week on newspaper ads that never bring a buyer.
Did you say your date was in June? I Am sending positive thoughts for serious buyers your way!

Cherrypie -- Feel free to be amused at the idea of people spending millions of dollars on houses located on a narrow strip of land in the regular route of hurricanes. The mind really does absolutely boggle.