Sunday, April 23, 2006

Shopping at Church

Church was fun this morning. K. chickened out at the last minute and declined to go up to the front of the church for the performance with the other kids.  The older kids read parts in a mercifully short Easter play, and then the little kids sang “Jesus Loves the Little Children,” and were (in my very biased opinion) completely adorable.  
After communion, the kids got to spend the money they saved during Lent on a wide assortment of small items that will be sent to the boys living at a mission our church helps support in Honduras.  The ladies organizing the event had set up tables with all sorts of stuff they’d purchased, things like chalk, race cars, shampoo, sneakers, etc., and the kids went around and bought the items they wanted to send the boys.  There were things priced from 10 cents to four dollars, and lots of variety, so even K., who only saved five dollars, was able to happily fill a large Target bag.  I thought it was a neat event.

T. and Ed went to the skating rink with friends this afternoon, and I washed windows.  Actually, I only got the outsides, and Ed had to help me with the screens, because I couldn’t get them out, but they look much nicer.  I had thought I would do the insides today, too, but my poor old fingers are aching.

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Dy said...

What a sweet and wonderful idea, Melora! I'll have to keep that in mind for next Lenten season and bring it up at church.

Good for you on the windows! I began prepping the kitchen window to paint it, but when I tried to pry the dohickey from the thingy the wall started to come off. ACK. I stopped. Hid the pry bar. And decided maybe I'd just clean them first... :-S