Sunday, April 09, 2006

Palm Sunday

Bo woke us up this morning, bumping hopefully against the door and whining softly, begging for one of his people to come out and protect him from the terrifying thunder monsters.   I got the papers, drank my coffee, and made comforting sorts of comments to Bo (like “Stop being such a big wussy.”).  We got to church on time, early enough to get seats, even though quite a crowd showed up (practicing for Easter, I guess).  The Sunday school teacher has switched the song the kids are going to sing in the play on the 23rd, from “Jesus Loves Me,” to “Jesus Loves the Little Children” (“All the children of the world; Red, Yellow, Black, or White; They are precious in his sight; Jesus loves the little children of the world.”).  Apparently, they needed to cut the running time of the production, and the new song is shorter.  I don’t think of myself as super “PC,” but something about the line “Red, yellow, black, or white” makes me squirm.  Maybe I’m just used to hearing the terms “white” and “black,” but I don’t think I’ve ever seen a person with skin that was even close to red or yellow.  I didn’t mention my qualms to Miss Burke, though, since she was already in a bit of a snit over having to re-work the program (and I’m sure the kids won’t give the words a second thought).

We showed the house to a couple and their friends yesterday afternoon.  They said they had already driven past (apparently the same people Ed tried to drag in last weekend), and had seen the virtual tour on the internet.  They made appreciative comments about how nice everything was, but made no mention of what sort of house they were looking for, when they were thinking of buying, or anything else useful.  For all I know, they just like wandering through other people’s houses.  Today we had no calls at all in response to our lovely (expensive) new ad.

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