Monday, April 10, 2006

Worry, worry!

A fellow and his little boy came by this morning to look at the house. He was driving past, saw our sign, and called from his car to see if he could come in and have a look. The house was pretty (Really!) messy, but he seemed to like it (and the kids Loved his boy, who is a year and a half old and a cutie), and he came back with his wife and the rest of the kids tonight. They seemed to like it, the husband particularly, and he said he planned to call us in the next day or two with an offer. I hope he does. The wife said she liked it, but she was sort of quiet, and I wondered whether she was less enthusiastic. In any case, I’m afraid that any offer we get will be lower than our minimum, since we dropped the price again and didn’t leave much wiggle room. Of course, I’m also afraid they won’t offer anything at all. And, I’m worried about Where we should move if we do sell. Worry, worry!

The kids and I went for a little walk around the neighborhood after dinner. It was almost dark out, but cool and pleasant. I keep noticing that their idea and mine of a "walk" are two (perhaps three) different things. I think of a walk as a forward progression at a steady pace. They think of it as more of a period of nature exploration/cat admiring/running fast in random directions. K. stops every step or two to sift through the sand in the road looking for interesting pebbles, bottle caps, or other debris. T. teters on the edges of the drainage canal, which is attractively bordered by poison ivy and filled with tetnus-y trash. They found two neighborhood cats to admire, which they refrained from patting only because I was insistent in reminding them that "Mommy was just bitten by a little dog, and these cats look like biters to me." They also greeted everyone who jogged, biked, or drove past us, yelling "Hi!" loudly, cheerfully, and repeatedly until they got a greeting in return. My kids have a "Hail fellow, well met," outlook, which is charming but a little wearing to their more retiring mommy.


Cherrypie said...

It's great that your kids are so friendly and uninhibited, at least when you are just a couple of steps behind.

I always make a point of saying "hello" to people I pass on my walks. Admittedly, that's so they'll remember me and make a good reconstruction for Crimewatch should I ever be murdered.

Melora said...

Love your motivation!
I do love that they are outgoing, but I get a bit embarrassed when they Keep saying "hi!" to people who are clearly just trying to ignore them (Why anyone would want to ignore my cheerful little darlings is a mystery to me, but that is a whole different issue.).