Saturday, April 22, 2006

Rainy Saturday

Rain! Finally, we have rain! It has been so dry. There has been thunder rumbling all day, and poor Bo has worried himself to a frazzle. The actual rainy part didn’t last long, but was heavy enough to leave puddles. Maybe tomorrow I’ll fertilize.

I did the grocery shopping at Walmart again today. I have now confirmed that Saturday afternoon is Not the time to shop there (or, more precisely, it is the time that everyone shops there). After taking the groceries home, I went to Home Depot and bought myself a squeegee and a nice long pole. Tomorrow, I’m washing windows! Even if it doesn’t attract a buyer (and I am beginning to despair on that front), I will have lovely clean windows to look out.

We watched Because of Winn Dixie again last night. T. loved it so much that I bought it. I want to be as patient as the father in that movie!

Tonight's feature presentation is Toy Story 2 , which used to be T.'s absolute favorite, and which K. has never seen. The popcorn is popped, the crew is waiting, so off I go!


Dy said...

OH, how did she like Toy Story 2? The boys really wish they'd make a "3" - truthfully, so do Zorak and I. I love Pixar for their family quality movies. *happy sigh*

Don't despair. Enjoy the windows. You know, I'm going back through the house blog entries so I can tie pics to posts, and as I read I'm thinking, "Wow. Any sensible human would have given up and bought a condo." It's okay not to be sensible sometimes. ;-) We'll keep praying!


Melora said...

She absolutely Loved it! That really is a winner.

From what I've seen, your house is going to be really beautiful. You knew it needed work when you bought it, and you knew you were capable. What would Really not be sensible is for two old klutzes like me and Ed to buy a house that needed work, but all the houses that appeal to me are at least 60 years old and will need some work. But they have Romance! I hate condos.
Thank you for the prayers!