Thursday, April 06, 2006

Woeful Wednesday

Yesterday was rather disappointing. The realtor still hasn't called back or stopped by with that offer. We've gotten used to people saying how much they like the house and then having nothing come of it, but this realtor was so adamant about how her buyers wanted the house, and she said the price was reasonable. Heavy sigh.
T. had a fever yesterday, not high, but he really didn't feel well, so we gave him the day off school and he spent it dozing on the couch. Since T. wasn't well, we didn't go to church, even though I had been interested in hearing the guest speaker, who is part of a group that digs wells to provide clean drinking water for poor people in El Salvador. On the plus side, Ed and I got to eat all the delicious salad we were planning to bring to the pot luck for dinner! Today T. seems much more energetic, and is energetically saying, "I'm sick again!" Ha!
My condo inspection yesterday afternoon was a bust. The order said that I was not to contact the homeowner, but was to go to the building and Wally, the security guard, would let me in. When I got there, I had a hard time parking because the whole building is being renovated, and the construction workers had their vans parked every which way. I found the security guard (sitting at his desk amid utter chaos in the lobby), and he agreed that he was Wally, and he let me go up to the unit. The unit was locked, so I came back down to Wally. Wally then got flustered, and said that he wasn't Wally, he didn't know who Wally was, that he was just filling in as a favor for his wife, 'cause they need the money, and he had no idea at all which one of the huge bunch of keys he was carrying might open the unit I was supposed to inspect. We then wandered around the building for a while, asking everyone we met (all workmen, most of whom did not seem to speak much English) if they knew Wally or had any idea how I might get in and inspect the unit. (And, yes, I know that the best solution would have been to try all of not-Wally's keys in the door, but he wouldn't do that.) One optimistic man suggested that I might try to climb the outside of the building, up the balconies, and see if the balcony door was unlocked, but I declined. An hour and a half later, I got home, called the office, and Shirley asked me irritably if I'd tried to get in. Growl!
Today is going to be a better day. We've been trying to reach that realtor since yesterday afternoon, just to confirm that the offer is not happening before we spend another bundle putting our ad back in the paper, but she hasn't returned our calls (which, I guess, is probably a confirmation of sorts).

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