Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Bubbles and Blossom Take Tea and Barbie's Jeep

I finished up my river house today. The boss tinkered with a few things, but came out around the same place I did. Once I get it sent out, I’m sure I’ll get a call from the owner, questioning the various adjustments I made and unhappy that I didn’t give special mention to their favorite ceiling fan. Actually, the homeowner already called me at 8:30 this morning, to very sweetly make sure that I’d noted the two set of sliding glass doors they installed. (Noted) People are funny. Even for something like an appraisal for an estate, where, for practical purposes they really do want a value as low as possible, people still can’t resist pointing out the many superior qualities of their home. This lady’s house has been on the market for eighteen months, so she knows it has been priced too high, but I know she’s not going to be happy with my opinion of what it is worth.

K.’s allergies and excema were giving her fits last night, and only T. got a decent night’s sleep. The poor little lamb was sneezing, scratching all night, and crying ‘cause she was so tired. Now I’m so tired, and counting the hours until bedtime. In an effort to cheer my weeping child last night, I promised her that we would play dolls today. This is something that Ed does better than I do (I’m the reading parent), but a promise is a promise. I spent what felt like a Very long time this morning playing “Power Puff Girls have tea parties and drive Barbie jeeps.” K. was happy, so I enjoyed that.

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