Thursday, May 25, 2006

Campbells' Happy House of Learning

We were Campbells' Happy House of Learning this morning, which was a lovely change from The Campbell Institution for the Determinedly Pigheaded, which we have been more often of late. T. sat down happily at the piano to practice, and proudly showed off some of the pieces he has mastered, and K. played Reader Rabbit Sparkle Star Rescue on the computer, which is mildly educational. They are trying to show us what virtuous and deserving children they are, so that we will give permission for Hana to come for a sleepover.

I’m listening to my beautiful new CD. I wish I could say that it sounds just like our congregation, but I can’t. (Although, last Sunday we sat next to a young man visiting our church who sang very nicely indeed. Sitting in the back, far from the choir as we do, it is helpful to be near someone who seems to know what the music is actually supposed to sound like.)

My river house came back to me already. The listing realtor, 130 miles away in Miami, who ordered the appraisal, is not happy. He couldn’t possibly have been so far off! I put in five more comparables (none as good as my originals, and coming to the same value) and the boss, God bless her, is going to talk to him tomorrow.

My poor kids need more of my attention. K. tried to make toast yesterday, in the microwave, and the house still smells of it. She’s also been lying by my desk, playing dead Crusader (at least there are some bits of history that they find interesting!). Now I’m off to bond with my kiddos!


Cherrypie said...

You can't knock her inventiveness. Did she make you eat it too?

Melora said...

The kitchen still smells of burnt toast. We had to take the toast and plate outside, and she did hope that we would have to go out to eat, like we did the time someone baked a plastic toy in the oven. She is certainly creative.