Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Dogs and Books

I love long weekends, but it puts me way off kilter for the rest of the week to start work on a Tuesday. The homeowner at my first inspection had an Australian shepherd and a South African mastiff type dog called a Boerboel. The dogs stayed outside while I was inspecting the interior, and the guy swore the Boerboel was a sweetie (aren’t they all?), but that dog had the most intense, intimidating stare I’ve ever encountered. It was extremely unsettling. My second inspection today was a tenant occupied house, and the landlord had to drive 150 miles to let me in because the tenant was upset about the inspection. The poor woman was lying on her bed in a housedress, looking miserable and furious, while I walked through. I can see being grumpy about having a stranger wander through the house for which she is paying rent, but I can’t imagine telling my landlord that I wouldn’t open the door, and making him drive so far.

T.s bookgroup was not at the library again today, and now they are officially off for a month, so I guess we won’t be discussing Dr. Doolittle. It was a fun read anyway. (And I found the old Rex Harrison video, which I think the kids will enjoy.) I did get a chance to chat with a few old co-workers, including a friend who took over my position after I left, which was nice.

*The pictures are not of the actual dog I "met" today, but that's what she looked like.

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Hornblower said...

whoa - yeah, that's an intimidating dog! I love mastiffs & considered getting a mastiff from a breed rescue but eventually decided against it as their lifespan is so darned short. The boerbels sound like cool dogs but perhaps a tad too protective for my liking. But if I were living in Africa, I think maybe I'd get one .... Roo worked for years with a bunch of people from S.A. and the stories of crime they told just made me blanch.

We have the Rex Harrison out from the library now - I find it incredibly hoaky but the kids love it. I think we've watched it about 5 times in the last 1/2 year.... :-)