Wednesday, May 31, 2006

A New Holiday?

T.’s piano teacher started him on a new book yesterday and showed him how to play a couple of the pieces, and he proudly played them for me this morning. I love it when he is excited about having learned something! The new book came with a CD, and, after he played, we listened to it. I was pleased to find that he really was playing the music quite well.

The homeowner at this morning’s inspection reminded me that tomorrow is the first day of hurricane season. Do you suppose Hallmark has started selling cards yet?

Ed saw an orange-y colored snake on the back patio last night, and I saw a big black one there today (and foolishly mentioned it), and now the poor guy is convinced that there is some weird force at work, drawing the snakes to our house. He is a bit irrational when snakes are involved. The patio got a good sweep and a thorough bleaching, on the theory that extreme cleanliness would make it seem less welcoming to critters. We’ll see.


Cherrypie said...

I'm with Travis on the snakes. Thankfully we don't get many in Lincolnshire.

Cherrypie said...

Happy Hurricane by the way xx

Emily said...

Just discovered your blog over at
Life As We Know It. I really enjoy it!!


Melora said...

Cherrypie -- Around here, the boys don't like snakes and the girls don't like spiders. It actually works out pretty well.
I did NOT want to be here to celebrate another hurricane season, but thanks!

Emily -- Thanks for visiting, and for your nice comment!

Laney said...

LOL at the hurricane card! We just moved to NC and we are gearing up for hurricane season. I sure hope it's a mild one as we are 4 miles from the ocean!:-)