Thursday, May 11, 2006

Happy Un-Birthday to You!

Today ended up being less of a half holiday than I'd planned, but I did knock off around 4:30. Ed had taken the kids to gymnastics, and I meant to continue dutifully plugging away, but instead, I treated myself to a very nice phone call to my parents. I think the telephone, and affordable long distance, have to rank among the great advances of civilization. Here I am, sitting at my desk in Florida, and I can just pick up the phone, hit a few numbers, and I am talking to my mom and dad, 1,535 miles away in Maine. To me, that is a wonder.

T. has made a leap forward in his reading. He started the first Harry Potter yesterday, and has already gotten through to chapter seven. I am thrilled that he is reading with enthusiasm, but he does seem to take after his mom in that when he is "in" his book, he really doesn't want to be bothered with requests that he spare some attention for other things (like school subjects, work, or other mundane bothers). As a mom,I have to insist that he closes the book and gets on with what he is supposed to be doing, but, as a fellow book lover, I do let him finish his chapter!

I didn't get much play time in, but we did make a cake after dinner. K. helped with the mixing and frosting (and spatula licking), and T. directed the positioning of the marischino cherries for decoration. The kids decided we should be celebrating something, so we made it an "un-birthday" celebration for Ed (which meant that he got sung to, got to blow out the candle, and got the first slice of cake). Any day that ends with cake and singing is pretty good in my books.

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Dy said...

What a great idea! I love that children are so willing to turn any old day into a day to celebrate.

How exciting for T!! And for you (I know your joy *he he*) I just can't ask James to put down a book right-then-and-there. I generally ask him to find a good stopping point and then lights out/I need your help/whatever task must deny you your reading time. Thankfully, he seems to "get" that it's a compromise and is pretty compliant. I hope it sticks.

Have a wonderful Friday!