Friday, May 12, 2006


Today was busy but good. One inspection this morning, and the owner and his mortgage broker/girlfriend(?) kept me waiting in front of the house for 15 minutes and didn't even apologize. It was an easy little house to inspect, once I got going, with a lovely, fragrant gardenia bush blooming out front.

Ed had a doctor's appointment in the afternoon, and left me to play and do school with the kids. While we were puttering in the front yard, the kids found a teeny little snake. They named him “Snakey,” and spent quite a while happily observing him. T., inspired by Harry, even tried to communicate in Parseltongue, but without notable success. We put Snakey into a little mesh critter box (and I duct taped the door shut) and brought him inside so K. could continue to admire him while T. got on with grammar. Ed came home soon after, and just about had a conniption fit about poor little Snakey. I expect Snakey wasn’t sorry to return to his natural habitat an hour or so before we had planned, but the kids were sad to see him go. To be fair, I would have felt the same way if I had gone off and returned to find that a large, hairy spider had become a temporary pet.

K.’s practice recital was this afternoon. Naturally, she was completely adorable. (And you were right, Dy! She is supposed to have her hair in a bun, which is a real challenge for me.)


CeCe said...

My cat Sabre brings us live snakes every sunny day. We get dozens of them over the summer. Your kids would love it here!

Dy said...

How delightful the day ended up being! Yay.

On the bun, it looks like K has fine hair, does she? If getting her hair into a nice looking bun isn't too easy, get one of those bun makers. It's a net-like material that's shaped like a small doughnut. You make a ponytail, then slip that thing over it and just comb/pin the hair around the doughnut. Works like a *charm*.

She looks so darling! :-)

Melora said...

The kids would, but Ed would Absolutely Die! He has a morbid fear of snakes. I will keep that in mind about the cats, though, since the kids have been pestering me for a cat for the last couple years and I've said we Might, if we move.

I'll look around for that bun maker! Her hair is pretty fine. Unfortunately, Ed just cut it, so there is no longer enough to make much of a bun. Fortunately, the pink fluffy hair thing covers most of my sloppy styling effort.

Dy said...

That's exactly what the bun thing is good for. I have fine hair, and my mother always kept it short - but the bun thing made me look like a good little ballerina. ;-)