Saturday, May 20, 2006

Recitals Completed, and We're Ready to Move On...

T. had his recital tonight. He played his two pieces very nicely, and behaved well while the other kids played, so I was happy. I am always impressed at these events by how well some of the older students play, but T. is coming along fine. K. was a bit restless.
After the recital, we went to IHOP as a reward for the kids (and for us, since it was awfully late to start cooking dinner). Now that T. and K. have had their recitals, all those thoughtful folk who were waiting ‘til we’d wrapped up all our “loose ends” to make us an offer on the house can feel free to come forward. We’re ready.


CeCe said...

Ihop is a recurring theme in this blog, it seems!

Melora said...

Actually, we've only been a few times -- when Ed had his last colonscopy, while we were clearing out for our open house, and last night. We don't eat out much, and the kids think it is a huge treat:)
We've been pretty dull lately.