Friday, May 19, 2006

My Little Dancer

K. had her ballet/tap recital today, and it was fun! I never got to look for one of those hair doughnut thingies, but I used a pony tail holder and bobby pins, and her bun stayed up tolerably well (aside from some little whispies, which I thought were kind of cute). We got there in plenty of time, took her into the area where the girls were dressing and got her settled, and then to the large room where the recital was being held. There, we found that a few early bird families had sent in family representatives (aggressive little old ladies), and pretty much all the seating was already “saved.” We found a seat in the back for Ed, and T. and I stood up behind him (and T. eventually did get to sit too). This actually turned out to be a good thing for me, since I got better video standing than I would have sitting down. The girls were darling, and only one (not K.) broke down in tears and had to be retrieved by her mommy. Afterwards, there were cookies and chips for refreshments, which made the event truly special in the kids’ eyes.


CeCe said...

Oh, she is so darling!

Melora said...

Thank you, Cece! Since she's been running around in her brother's old shirts lately (her choice, not mine!), I got a real thrill out of seeing her all dressed up.

Carmenzta said...

Melora, she looks like a little doll!