Friday, June 30, 2006


Poor Ed had another sleepless night, what with getting back late from the hospital and Bo wanting his company in the wee hours. His father is back home with his arm in a sling so the broken bone will heal. I’m not clear on which bone was broken, but it was one that the emergency room doctor said doesn’t get a cast. That’s probably just as well, since the last time the emergency room doctor set his arm, they did such a poor job that it had to be re-broken and reset. Ed gave him a loaner wheelchair (he can’t use his walker with a broken arm, and we have an extra), and he seems to be doing okay.

Have I mentioned our frogs? Going in and out our front door last night, gathering stuff for Ed’s dad, I was forced to admit that Ed has not been exaggerating when he has complained about our frog problem. We have a gang of rather enormous tree frogs that hang out on our front porch at night, right around the front door. Through our glass front door, our lights attract an irresistible banquet of bugs for our sticky green buddies every night. The problem is, our frogs seem to have such poor eyesight that they mistake people for giant, succulent bugs, and actually leap at anyone walking through the door. While I appreciate the insect control, I have to say that I find a buzzing mosquito or two much less alarming than an almost foot long frog (counting the outstretched legs) hurtling at me. Ideas for frog control would be appreciated!

We had a lovely, rain and thunder-free day today and got to play outside for a while. The kids still don’t want to stay outside for long, though, because it is hot. Thank goodness for air conditioning!


CeCe said...

I love frogs. Cats will keep them away though. And snakes.. hee hee.

Melora said...

I'm telling Ed. The kids would love to have a cat, and they still talk about little "snakey." There's no chance Ed will turn into a snake lover, but maybe the frog angle will improve the chances of our someday getting a cat!

CeCe said...

Hee hee.. good luck on that! And yeah, my cat chases snakes too. But she brings them IN the house, but don't tell Ed that!