Sunday, July 02, 2006

We Might Have Something Here

We showed our house today to a woman who would like to buy it. We are cautiously excited, with an emphasis on cautiously. She saw it on the internet, and called about a week ago to ask whether it was concrete block construction. I told her it wasn’t, but she still said that she really liked it, and was going to ask her friends what they thought about wood frame houses in Florida. Apparently the answers were favorable, because she called Thursday to say she’d like to come Sunday and look at the house with her daughters. They showed up early today, before we’d even had a chance to finish cleaning properly, and were enthusiastic from the moment they walked in. She told us that she was buying with assistance from a program for first time home buyers of modest means, and she had not been able to find a home in her price range, but that her loan officer had told her she could probably get bumped up to a larger loan. We told her our lowest price, and she said that would be good for her if she could get approved. She mentioned that her older daughter, who is employed, would be willing to co-sign, which does sound hopeful. She gave us a deposit to hold the house for a couple days, which is really pretty meaningless but does seem to show good faith. Her daughters, ages 20 and 25, were really nice to T. and K., who latched onto them instantly. Both girls are artists, and they looked through T.’s “portfolio” and were enthusiastic about his artistic talent. They drew him some really nice pictures of Link, and he promised to send them pictures of our new house. After they left, he said they were his “favorite buyers ever.” They were my favorites, too!

*The Link drawing is one T. did tonight, inspired by his new friends.

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