Tuesday, June 20, 2006

More Fun and Games

Another long day of work. My second inspection, which was a piece of vacant land, did not go well, since it turned out that the owners did not correctly remember the address of their property. Details! Then I got a request from a mortgage broker to boost the value of a property I appraised a couple weeks ago by “only 5%.” Of course, the file is now at the office, so I will have to look up all the information again, and my gut reaction is to say “it’s worth what I appraised it for, and that’s it,” but the guy is a regular customer and I’ll have to look it over, anyway. Grrr.

The kids put on some little puppet shows to cheer me up. K.’s involved kittens and various other little animals running away from home (she made up a song to go along with the action), and T.’s was, not amazingly, a battle between a king and a terrible ogre.

The news from the Episcopal Church’s General Convention today is that the delegates voted against even a temporary measure discouraging the election of gay bishops. This may mean that the Episcopal Church will become another little splinter church, with no connection to the Anglican Church, which makes me sad.

The day improved considerably after I told myself to take the rest of the day off, at around 4:30. When we were at the skating rink last weekend, Ed noticed that they had a nice Tuesday night “Skate and all-you-can-eat pizza” special. After stopping by Ed’s parents’ house to drop off a birthday gift for his brother, who, at the age of 37, has perfected the art of being bitter and miserable, we went on to enjoy an evening of fine dining and skating. T. can make it around the rink unaided, except for the wall, but K. needs to be held up. She had a wonderful time, and stayed on her feet quite well, but my right arm is numb. It was fun!

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Dy said...

Sounds like quite an adventurous evening! WTG, T!! (Wow, an entire sentence without a single vowel... that's odd.)

I love the little things children think of to bring cheer into our lives. And it works - that's what's so beautiful about it.