Wednesday, June 21, 2006

New Clothes

Our backhoe driving friends from the septic company were supposed to return today to push the dirt back into the pit, but they apparently forgot us.  Maybe tomorrow.

My boss has still not replaced the appraiser who recently quit, and I have too much work.  I hate feeling behind in my work, but there is no way to keep up when the orders just keep coming.  I know I’ll be glad to have the money (or the books I’ve spend the money on), though, when and if our buyer shows up.  In the meantime, I’m cramming T.’s school in as I can.  The good “work” news is that my boss got together a small mountain of clothes her daughters have outgrown for K.  Ed picked them up today, and, as usual, they are lovely.  Much nicer stuff than I could (or would) buy, some still with tags.  She told Ed that she has a bunch more stuff to go through, and will probably have more clothes for us on Monday.  I love this job perk!


Emily said...

WOO-HOO! Don't you just love hand-me-downs?? I love them! It's like Christmas.


Dy said...

Hand-me-downs are so sweet. We've had some real blessings come our way in that form, and we've been able to pass them along, as well. It's a wonderful thing to share. :-)

Hope the backhoe guy remembers soon!!