Saturday, June 03, 2006

T. Skips the (not very) High Board

We met friends at the North County Pool this morning, and had a very nice time. We got there around 10:30, and the pool didn’t start to become unpleasantly crowded until at least an hour later. T.’s friends were eager to jump from the diving board, but when T. walked out on it, he got scared and couldn’t bring himself to jump. He reminded me so much of Fox, in Fox and His Friends (Edward Marshall), except that Fox actually did jump and T. retreated. What T. did enjoy, again and again, was the big slide. He tried to persuade K. to join him, but she declined. She had a great time just jumping around in the water.


CeCe said...

That looks like a pretty fun pool/water park! Is it expensive? We have a couple of indoor ones that are neat like that, and not too expensive, but any outdoor ones are really expensive (and far away).

Melora said...

It is one of our two county "pools." My mom bought us a three month membership last month, and the cost was around $100 for our family of four. People can also pay by the visit, which is a few dollars per person. The pool we went to yesterday is about a 25 minute drive away for us, and we usually go to the less fancy but closer pool. It really is nice. My kids would think an indoor pool was amazing -- I don't think they are common in Florida.