Sunday, June 04, 2006

We Have a Career Decision

T. was almost too excited to sleep last night after his sudden realization that what he wants to do with his life is make claymation movies. He kept interrupting our stories to fill me in on ideas about his new career. I thought that perhaps he would want to start with some simpler forms of animation, say, a flip book, but he saw no need to begin anywhere but at a full length movie, featuring, of course, Link.
After church today, we made a trip to the library in search of books and videos on animation, and then on to Walmart for clay and paint (and Play-Doh for K.). Then home, where he immediately began work on his Link figure. Several hours later, I asked him how the project was going. “You know, mom, it’s really, really hard,” he said. But he is going to keep working at it. K. enjoyed making various things out of Play-Doh, and then painting them with the poster paints I bought. Particularly the painting part. In case any of you don’t know this already, poster paint and Play-Doh are a messy combination.
Ed’s back has been getting worse, and he’s gone to bed, so I’m off to make sure there are no more messes to upset him.


Dy said...

{{hugs}} to Ed. I hope he's feeling better soon.

I love the claymation idea!! Can you take digital photos of it and merge them into a video so he can have something tangible from all his hard work? That would be fun!

K looks so serious - she is so sweet. They both are. You're truly blessed. :-)


Emily said...

Claymation movies!! That is great! Let us know when the manuscript is ready to preview :)

Hope Ed is up and around soon.


Melora said...

He wants to make a real movie. He's watched the sections on a couple videos (Frog and Toad, and Reading Rainbow's Piggy in a Puddle) where they show how claymation movies are made, and he still doesn't see that our equipment just isn't what the pros have. I have a video camera and a digital camera, but I don't have a real movie camera where you can take one shot at a time. I'm wondering if there might be some simple computer program that would allow us to come close to what he wants. At any rate, just making the figure is proving to be more challenging than he expected. I think it will be a while before his movie is showing at a theatre near you!