Saturday, June 24, 2006

Tea & Scones

Today was quiet, and very nice.  We had scones for breakfast, which the kids have been wanting thanks to Paddington.  The Paddington stories are so full of British words that I’m sort of surprised the kids enjoy them so much, but I guess since they are still at an age when plenty of American English words are new, it doesn’t phase them.  Actually, K. has taken to referring to coins as pence and shillings, so I may be messing her up completely.  Anyway, the scones were good – just like biscuits, really, but I had to find a recipe titled “scones.”  We did some school, read some stories, and went to the bookstore to find a children’s dictionary for T.  His first choice of dictionaries wasn’t mine (each word being defined is printed in light blue, and the pronunciations are after the definitions, which I find strange), but I thought if he picked it, he might be more enthusiastic about using it (my beloved American Heritage Dictionary is too heavy for him, and, in any case, I don’t want to share).

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