Friday, June 23, 2006

We Move Closer to the End of the Drainfield Saga

I didn’t mention in yesterday’s entry, but the backhoe guys came yesterday and filled in most of our pit.  The septic tank itself and about ten feet of trench beyond that are still uncovered, but we are close to being back to having our pretty back yard and being able to forget what makes the grass so nice and green!  Ed called the septic company this afternoon to find out when the sod is coming, and was told Monday (not that we believe it will actually be Monday, but that suggests that it could happen before the next weekend, right?).  Actually, it was a good thing he called, since the septic guy seemed surprised at the idea that we wanted grass on top of that nice stretch of dirt.  He was fine with ordering it, though, if that was how we felt about it.

Worked ‘til 4:00 today, but now I have only one report to do this weekend (yay!).  T. was cooperative with school, and seems resigned to the idea of doing school tomorrow, so we will make up what we missed when I was too busy to get everything in this week.  He really is a good kid.

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