Friday, July 28, 2006

Feeling Eeyore-ish Here

Our home quest started to go badly wrong on Wednesday, and is now winding down into probable failure.
On Wednesday morning, the woman at the front desk at our Comfort Inn told me about a foreclosed log house in the area, which she said was on a couple acres of land, practically new, beautiful, and in our price range. I told Ed about the house, and we decided to go see it, and maybe a few more houses, before we made an offer on the brick house. The directions I got were of the “turn at the big white house, then make a right just after the old barn” variety, and it took three hours and several locals before we finally found the house. It was gorgeous. A big log home, with a deck all around, with a view over the valley. Unfortunately, an investor found it before we did, and it was listed with a realtor for a price far above what we could afford. Coming close to finding a really great house in our price range made Ed more convinced that we are likely to stumble across a FSBO or foreclosure bargain if we just wait. He says that my obsession with the August 18th deadline just shows a lack of faith. We drove around a little more, and then it was time to drive to Asheville to meet Ed’s old buddy Vince. I was so disappointed at not having even gotten to make our paltry offer on that brick house. I know it has some issues, but, if they would take our offer, I’d Really like to have an inspector tell us how extensive (or not) the repairs would be. The location is really nice, and have I mentioned the beautiful wood floors?
Vince reserved us adjoining rooms at the Mountaineer Inn. They should have called it the Hillbilly Hotel, and it was much worse than you are imagining. I couldn’t have blogged Wednesday night even if I’d felt up to it because, astonishingly, the internet connection didn’t work. The uncomfortable beds and filth were such that even K., normally a fine little sleeper, couldn’t sleep. It was nice to see Vince, and T. made the evening memorable for him by accidentally setting off the fire alarm at Carrabas restaurant, but next time we will choose the hotel.
Thursday I had thought we might take a look at the Biltmore Estate, which is pretty spectacular, but either the prices have gone up or I just didn’t remember that they are really high, so we had to give it a pass. After that, for some reason, we decided to drive back east a way and look for some more houses. Unfortunately, the area we picked had nothing. I told Ed I’d like to try looking in Alabama, but he was tired and grumpy and didn’t want to. We stayed at a hotel with a nice pool, and T. and K. found some kids to play with, so there was a bright spot.
This morning Ed decided we could look at the pretty houses I’d found in Alabama. We were headed back west when a realtor Ed had called yesterday about a house called. She was sorry yesterday’s house hadn’t suited, but she had a couple other houses she would love to show us. I guess Ed found her pretty persuasive, because the next thing I knew we were headed back east. Of course, finding the realtor and her house took longer than expected, and the house, while located in a cute neighborhood, was cramped and smelly. Ed and I had one of our few moments of agreement today when we looked at each other and said “This isn’t it!” Her second house, originally described as “2,000 sq.ft.” turned out to be 1,000 sq. ft., with another 1,000 sq. ft. of basement. By the time we were done with the realtor, it was 4:30. Ed played the “If I have to drive for two or three more days it will kill me” card, so we headed south east. I was too mad to even speak to him for a while, but then I had to give him directions. We are now outside Charlotte, and tomorrow we will head back home by the same uninspiring route we took in the first place. Ed says he will check the internet when we get home (as if we didn’t just spend the past seven months finding beautiful houses where the listing pictures just happened not to include the neighboring six lane highway and rusted out trailers) and “pop back” up to buy our new house. Those of you who pray, please pray for us!

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