Saturday, July 29, 2006

We Are Going to be Okay!

All righty then.  No more blogging while I’m wallowing in the depths of despair!
Even considered from a more cheerful frame of mind, however, today was a rather spectacular waste of time.  Last night, Ed decided that maybe we should detour a bit into Georgia and check out a few homes there.  I looked on good old, and found a few houses that looked like possibilities, and Ed called a realtor this morning.  Georgia home listings, oddly enough, do not show square footage.  I can’t think of a more important piece of information when it comes to describing a home, but that’s how they do it (or don’t do it) in Georgia.  The realtor we talked to said he would check on the sizes and find some more listings, so we set out.  About half way to the realtor’s office, a couple hours later, the realtor called back to say that most of the homes I’d found were pretty tiny, but one was big enough, and he was still checking for more.  We had an unpleasant shock when we hit the town where the realtor’s office was located, Buford, and found ourselves stuck for half an hour in bumper to bumper traffic.  After noodling around in small towns and cities, we were sitting in traffic in a city apparently experiencing the same sort of rambunctious growth which we are doing our best to escape from at home.  When we finally met our realtor, who, unfortunately was young enough to be my son and had only been a realtor since Monday, he admitted that the “big” house he’d told us about was actually about 800 sq. ft. smaller than he’d thought.  Apparently there was a shed on the site that had confused him.  He hadn’t found anything else.  So we started back home again.  Ed initially thought that he wanted to drive all night, but finally came to his senses and we will finish the trip tomorrow.
I would be really anxious about our lack of “back up” homes, but thanks to Dy’s very kind offer to help us research homes in Alabama, I’m actually feeling okay!  That brick home, despite its flaws, really caught my fancy, and if it doesn’t work out, I think one of those Alabama homes might be just right.  


CeCe said...

Well *I* certainly liked your brick house!

Melora said...

Thank you Cece! It is pretty plain on the outside, but I just love those wood floors (beautifully refinished, btw) and big rooms.

Myrtle said...

Hey, at least they didn't try to sell you this ;-)

House hunting is so stressful.

Melora said...

Well Golly, Myrtle, that may look pretty homey to me in a few more weeks! Ed asked the moving guy he was talking with today about how much it would cost to store our stuff for a few weeks, and between what that would cost and housing for us (unless they'd let us live in the storage unit) I think that we will be pricing refrigerator boxes pretty soon if I can't get him to Buy A House!