Monday, July 17, 2006

Not Packed, Not Organized, But Blogging Anyway!

I spent most of today dithering, which is what I do when it is time to pack for a trip (or, worse, for a move!).  The idea of getting together all the stuff we’ll need for a week, getting the house and dog ready for a week on their own (Ed’s brother will be coming twice a day to care for Bo), and, for this particular trip, trying to figure out just where it is we want to go anyway, is totally overwhelming to me.  Pathetic, I know.

This morning I finished the report for the inspection I did Friday afternoon, and am testing Karma by coming in $18,000 lower than the mortgage broker wanted.  I appraised the property one year ago this month for $24,000 less than it came to this time, and the market has declined since then, so I think they should be doing a wild happy dance about this appraisal.  It is a refinance, and I did my best, so maybe that will save me from the Karmic punishment of having my own house fail to make the necessary value?

We took the kids to the pool this afternoon.  They had fun, and are really excited about the fact that, while we are “on vacation” (madly searching for that affordable, perfect house!) we will be staying in hotels, which will, possibly, have pools!  

The home inspection is scheduled for 10:00 tomorrow morning.  Assuming that there are no unpleasant surprises, we plan to leave as soon as we can nudge the inspector and Judy back out of the house.  We’re still not settled on a route, but I think we will be going up the east coast of Florida and Georgia, then head north east on I-26 in South Carolina.  If we make it that far tomorrow I will be very pleased (and a little surprised).  From there we’ll go to North Carolina and start looking.  I have a couple houses picked out that look pretty good from here, but if they don’t work out we will look at some “back-up” houses, or maybe peek into Virginia, Tennessee, or Alabama.  Doesn’t sound like much of a plan, does it?  At any rate, it should be interesting (and we are bringing a stack of DVDs for the kids to watch as we drive aimlessly about the country).


CeCe said...

Sounds like fun! The states seem so weird to me! It would take almost 8 hours to drive to the next province AFTER I take a two hour ferry ride. It'd take close to 20 hours to get to the second province from here. It would be so neat to just drive and go to all these different places in no time at all!

Dy said...

Well, you know, Alabama isn't terribly comfortable this particular time of year. But I don't think anywhere in the South is, from about now til maybe late September. And Arab is a cute little town.

Are you going to blog your trip? Please tell me you'll have internet access!!!

Safe travels! (And you'll have email in about ten minutes.)


Melora said...

Cece -- I guess the states do seem small, compared to Canadian provinces. To me it seems like a heck of a drive, but it's all what you are used to, I suppose! Driving up I-95 will probably be pretty dull, but I'm hoping we can come back by a more interesting, scenic route!

Dy -- I'm pretty sure I remember reading somewhere (your blog!) that Alabama is Really Hot in the summer. Of course, so is Florida, which is why we Stay Indoors. Really, it is a good thing, because if we were looking at a cool, pleasant time of year I would look at those huge Victorian houses I love so much and say, "Central air -- who needs it?" Walking into those lovely houses when they are stiflingly hot and have no good way to be cooled will keep me grounded!

I am taking the laptop, for purposes of researching areas as we come to them, using Microsoft Streets and Trips, allowing the kids to watch DVDs as we tool down the road, and, when I can wrestle it away from the children, for blogging! I am hoping that the internet connection thing will work okay!

Arab looks appealing. I didn't get a chance to check into whether there are good libraries and Episcopal/Anglican churches within a reasonable distance.

Dy said...

Yeah, of course, I think anything over 76' is unnecessary, and if it gets over 80, I'm whining until Autumn. *grin*

OK, the Madison Co. library system is pretty good. You can buy a membership for the family for $25/yr. to use the Madison Co. system if you live out of the County. It's not Maryland-great, but it's pretty good. Our little Somerville library would make you cry- but the librarians are very sweet. :-)

If you can email me a preference list of qualities in a church, I'll call around and find out if there's something akin to what you're looking for in this area. Just LMK if I can help.


Melora said...

Thanks for the specifics! Our definitions of "hot" are a little different (I'd say anything under 80 was delightful, and under 65 is COLD! I appreciate the info. on the library -- saving money by using the library and buying fewer books (sniff!) is part of our plan, so a good library is essential.