Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Oops, We Forgot Something!

The inspection this morning went very well. The inspectors couldn’t have been any more enthusiastic without actually making an offer on the house. If the appraiser loved it as much, we should be okay. Judy was very happy with the good report, and said that we were more than welcome to take the swings and glider off the swing set when we go (yay!).

Ed and I didn’t finish our packing last night, and didn’t pull out of the driveway in our poor, overloaded van (we are compulsive overpackers) til 1:30. It wasn’t until I checked the map at the Georgia border (to see what body of water we were passing over (the St. Mary’s river), that I realized that when I had asked Ed if we had the map book, and he had said “yes, it’s in the car,” he was referring to the Florida Atlas and Gazetteer. We forgot the map! Actually, of course, we do have a map, since the laptop has Streets & Trips, but it is a little impractical to try to take the computer that the kids are peacefully watching a video on, shut off the video, and open the map program when Ed wants to know Which exit he should have taken five minutes ago. If this turns out to be all we forgot, though, I’ll be grateful.

I asked the kids what they thought of Georgia, and T. stopped watching Sponge Bob long enough to assess the state and tell me that he wanted to go to North Carolina because “it has more kids.” I don’t know what makes him think there are a lot of kids in NC, but I couldn’t argue with his observation about Georgia – all there was, as far as the eye could see, was highway, pine trees, and billboards. Not a kid in sight.

The kids were thrilled tonight when we finally stopped at a Sleep Inn, which has a pool! Just when you might think it couldn’t get much better, we had dinner at Wendy’s! Finally, and pretty much the ultimate pleasure life could offer, the motel room has a t.v., so you can watch t.v. in bed!

*I've added a couple pictures of the kids in the hotel room. T. wakes up cheerful, and K. not so much, so I got her picture while she was still happily sleeping.


Emily said...

NC has more kids!!! That is just too funny!!

Dy said...

LOL! Oh, this is going to be a neat trip! I'm so glad you're blogging it.

Glad the appraisal went well!

Stay safe,