Wednesday, July 19, 2006

One Down

The hotel pool this morning proved a disappointment, It was not clean, and T. decided quickly (to our relief) that he didn’t want to swim in water with hairs. K. was sorry to leave so soon, but we got a fairly early (for us) start. I wasn’t wowed by SC, although I’ll admit that judging a state by the views from the interstate may not be fair. Our first impressions of NC, where we drove straight into bumper to bumper traffic around Charlotte, were not good either. The traffic was just scary. By the time we got to Statesville, though, things were looking a bit better. My top choice house was located about 25 minutes from Statesville (not counting “getting lost” time), and parts of the town, Mocksville, were very pretty. The house itself, though, was all wrong. Actually, the house itself might have been okay, but the location, on a very busy street and surrounded on all sides by decrepit trailers, was terrible. The listing description and pictures had led me to imagine quite a different property, and the reality took the wind out of my sails. Ed had been so eager to make it to our first house that he had not wanted to stop for lunch, and by the time we reached my erstwhile dream house K. was cranky and sobbing hysterically that she wanted to go home. We decided to call it a day and celebrate our arrival in NC with a nice dinner at Applebees and getting into a motel early enough to play in the pool. A fine dinner of ice cream sundae and French Fries (yes, we are terrible parents, but you should have seen how it cheered the poor kid up) perked K. right up – she decided that we should Never go home, and the rest of us, who had more substantial meals, felt better too. Ed just came back from a quick trip to the gas station in search of real estate books, beer, and gasoline, so now the kids and I are going to go play in the pool!


CeCe said...

Sounds like it's going pretty well overall, for a road trip.

Jules said...

I'm sorry your first house hunt ended poorly. But what a grand adventure you are on! I am jealous- just driving off into the sunset and picking a place to live along the way - how much better could it get? ;)

Good luck on your journey and I hope you find what you are looking for.

Dy said...

Ice Cream and french fries always cheers me up, too. Give her a hug for me.

I honestly think I'd have stayed in the hotel room, given the kids the clicker, and curled up in the corner w/ a beer and a book. You're such a trooper!


Melora said...

It is quite the adventure! The kids would be enjoying it a lot more if there were more looking at houses and less driving, but they are being pretty good sports!