Thursday, August 03, 2006

The Agony!

Ed sent in our offer to the realtor this morning, and, as of 7 p.m., we still haven’t heard back.  The listing realtor, who showed us the house, won’t get back from vacation until tomorrow, but Ed talked to the broker and he said he would call the sellers about our offer.  I know that it could take several days to hear back from them (they don’t know and wouldn’t care that we now have two weeks to find a new place), but I can’t help obsessing about Why they might not respond immediately.  I suppose there is a fair chance they are on vacation or working or have some sort of a life.  What if they were so annoyed by our pitiful offer, though, that they don’t even bother to respond?  Maybe they will punish us for our effrontery by keeping us on hold for a week before coming back with a scornful “Not on your life!”  Or maybe they will come back with a high counter offer, leaving us the choice of either countering their counter or cutting our losses and scrambling frantically to find a new possibility.  Of course, if they Do accept our offer, what do we make of that?  Our offer was so low that, if they take it, we will worry that they Know Something about the house that we missed.  We would have it inspected, of course, but I’ve seen inspectors work.  My head is spinning!

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