Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Got the Evaluation Scheduled!

Being the always-on-top-of-things kind of gal that I am, I made the appointment for T.’s end of second grade evaluation today. I’ve been embarrassed to call the nice lady who did his evaluation last year because I committed the cardinal sin of borrowing books from her last year and never returning them. She really pushed the books on me at the time, but I know I ought to have brought them back. Anyway, she was perfectly nice about it, scheduling T. for next Monday when I told her that we were a bit pressed for time.

T. had his eight year old check up today, and K. came along. Our wonderful doctor said that T’s height, weight, etc. were all perfect, and kindly checked the prominent vertebrae on K.’s back, which has become calloused, and said a little A & D ointment a couple times a day should fix it. I told her about T.’s recent peculiar feeling that something is on his skin, and his need for us to check to see if something is there that he can’t see, along with a couple other oddities, and she suggested something called “strep related OCD.” This idea has a certain charm, since the condition can be remedied by antibiotics, but seems a little implausible since I can’t remember T. ever having strep. However, we trotted over to the hospital lab and T. got blood taken for the test. I told him not to look at the needle, but he looked anyway. Apparently OCD can be quite mild and passing, but I’m really more inclined to think that T. is just a bit quirky.

We still have not put in an offer on that house. Ed promised to make the offer as soon as we got home when we were driving, but has since become increasingly set on the idea that “something else” will turn up. The something else he has in mind is mainly that we could take out a bigger mortgage, buy another house here, I could keep working at my job, and we could put the kids in school. A big part of his thinking is that the brick house has been unoccupied for five years and he is afraid all the working bits have stagnated, but I know it is also that he is comfortable here, with his doctors and his routine, and he would sort of like to stay. I explained tonight my feelings on the matter, as sweetly as I possibly could (I didn’t throw anything), and we’ve started itemizing the probably repair costs again.


Emily said...

I can sympathize with the "quirky-kid" thing. We have at least one here too. It has been our experience, that the quirky ones are also the most interesting. :)

Good luck with the continuing house hunt!

Dy said...

Yes, could be quirky. The more we poke and probe James, the more "quirky" seems to fit the bill. Although, I'm glad she tested for strep. We have a friend whose little boy was completely asymptomatic for strep - yet he walked around completely eaten up with it for years. Once they treated him for the strep, the other, seemingly unrelated things cleared up. It was uncanny. Better to rule it out, and if y'all end up like us, you'll end up with a list of, "Nope, that's not it" and a confirmation that he's just a very unique little boy. Quirky. It gets a bad rap, but it's okay!