Saturday, June 23, 2007

Big Plans, Small Results

We finally admitted that we probably are not going to build another swing set here like the one we had in Vero Beach, and hung the kids' glider from an oak tree. It was quite a project getting those ropes up, but it works very nicely.
While Ed was at Lowes picking up the rope for the glider, he very kindly bought me some peat moss and cow manure compost for my six $2.00 roses. And three more of said $2.00 roses. How could he resist?

I had big plans for planting all the roses, and digging out a small vegi plot yesterday. Today was going to be the day I tiled the backsplash. Ha ha! Since we moved here, I've had the part of the yard right behind the garage mentally designated as the garden. There is no grass growing there (this might have suggested something to an experienced gardener), and it gets a fair amount of sun. When I bought the roses, I thought they might go along the outside edge of the garden, forming a sort of border to keep children and dog out. Both T. and K. have done a little digging in my "garden," and neither one saw fit to mention to me that the ground there is like Concrete! I tried digging it yesterday, and it would take a pick-ax, or maybe dynamite, to break up the ground there. I will have to rethink the garden arrangement.

I tiled some today. It will take at least through next week to finish. No particular problems, except that I have a rotten memory. I forgot that tiling a kitchen backsplash is not a one afternoon job, at least for me. What is done looks good, though.


Elisheva Hannah Levin said...

The swing looks very fun!

This sounds familiar! We also generally have many more projects planned than we can accomplish in a given time. And like yours, our days often have a plan and a flow. The plan is what we are absolutely going to do. And the flow is what actually happens! :)

Dy said...

Very cool idea on the glider! I love it (looks like the kids do, too).

*sigh* Tile. It will be lovely when it's done. Absolutely lovely.

What about getting some manure and sand to mix in with the soil out back? You can soak it so it'll break up easier, then mix it in and ta-da! (ok, well, maybe not exactly "ta-da", but I'm feeling optimistic) you'll have a garden spot!

How are the roses coming along?

Emily said...

LOVE the glider idea! Fabulous!!

Jules said...

Oh that looks like fun!!

Melora said...

It worked out well!
The tile is coming along, and I am so excited about having a shiny white backsplash instead of a grubby plywood one! I will give your idea about softening up the ground a try. Do you think it will work on clay?

Emily & Jules,
The kids are having fun with it, and now they don't fight over who should get first go on the tire swing.