Monday, June 25, 2007

T. Did Not Conk the Bishop. Another Potential Disaster Safely Passed.

T. was good on Sunday (relatively speaking, of course). No one got conked with the flower, and he sat quietly with the other acolytes, hands to himself, even though the bishop's really excellent sermon ran long. Ed and I and more than half the congregation got either confirmed, transferred, re-affirmed, received, or some other variations on the theme that I can't remember. I guess Father Blanck wanted to be sure the bishop wouldn't be bored, so he encouraged everyone to consider that the chance wouldn't come again 'til 2009, so if you wanted those apostolic succession bishop hands laid on you, better get in now. I didn't need to be re-confirmed, but it was nice to do, and we all got canvas totes with the church insignia on the front and a lovely bottle of Zinfandel (along with other goodies) inside. After, there was a terrific pot luck. I only baked brownies, but many fine cooks went all out. My favorite was a raspberry-key lime cheese cake, mounded with fresh raspberries. Oh my! We all spent the afternoon digesting.

The Presbyterian church had the kick-off pool/pizza party for their vacation Bible school on Sunday night. The kids had a wonderful time, and I didn't have to cook. It took him four tries, but T. finally made the leap from the diving board (It was pretty funny to watch his failed attempts, though! He would inch cautiously down the board, look over the end, and retreat.), and once he had done it once, he couldn't get enough.

Today the kids actually wanted to go to their new VBS enough that they were up by 8:15. Astonishing! We made it there by 9:00, and they had a wonderful time. I had a wonderful time too, reading in a comfortable wing back chair in an unused sitting area. It took me about half an hour to persuade K. that she would be okay without me, but that still left me two and a half peaceful hours to read! The snack ladies even sweetly insisted that I accept a piece of cake and lemonade. We will be back tomorrow!

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Jules said...

I'm disappointed that there are no Bishop-conking stories to share!! ;)

It's always a good sign when the kids get up and ready early to get to a church function. They must be having fun. And if you get to sit and read and eat treats then I'd say it was a pretty good day for you, too! ;)
Hope you have a good one tomorrow, too. Eat a treat for me!