Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Happy Fourth!

Ever since we moved in here, people have been telling us about what a big deal the local Fourth of July celebration is. Our neighbors warned us that we probably wouldn't be able to get out of our driveway today, and they were just about right. Being right across the street from the action has benefits, but also some drawbacks. Yesterday, when they set up the Port-o-Potties directly across from us and we learned that these things Stink when they are just set up, we were kind of focusing on the downside. Today, when the smell dissipated, we've been appreciating the advantages. For one thing, we don't have to use the Port-o-Potties. We also don't have do deal with parking, and we don't have far to go when a certain child eats too much and wants to lie down (guess who), or when the other child becomes a repulsively sticky mess. Also, we should be able to put our chairs on the front porch this evening and have a really nice view of the fireworks display.
The parade started at 10:00. We took our chairs down to the corner and settled down in the shade. I still can't get over how wonderfully cool it is here in July! The parade lasted 45 minutes, and things moved right along. I think all the firetrucks and other cool emergency vehicles in the county were parading, as well as tractors, antique cars, trucks, and horses. All throwing candy, too. I had brought a couple little sandwich bags for the kids, in case they got a couple pieces of candy, but these were not remotely adequate for the quantities of candy coming our way. The very kind lady next to us handed K. a big shopping bag, and I helped T. with my camera bag. Mostly it will go to waste, but they sure did have a good time getting it! It was really neat to see how many people in the parade and on the sidelines we "know." Between all the activities the kids have done, home repairs, church shopping, etc., we have met quite a few people.

After the parade, we headed across the street to listen to music, buy food from all the local groups selling (very reasonably priced food, too!), and watch the kids play games. Actually, only K. played games. T. was too busy eating -- ice cream, french fries, and a pork tenderloin sandwich. It probably would have been a bad mistake for him to participate in any sort of sports after that. I had a barbecue sandwich, with slaw! This is apparently a traditional NC food, and I was a teensy bit skeptical, but it was Good!
K. met up with her friend, Harper Lee, and they ran the three legged race together. They came in third, and Harper let K. keep the ribbon, since she had won a second in the sack race. K. and I tried the wheelbarrow race, but we didn't get far. K. amazed me by doing very well in the egg toss. She was partnered with a shy little girl whose grandmother helped her toss, but K. handled her own throwing and catching, and they kept going for quite a while before the egg met its sticky end (and it didn't fall on K.'s side).

After the egg toss, T. bought K. some Oreos and gave her his Gatorade, and she quickly became so sticky and grubby (and probably full, since she'd already had chocolate ice cream, as is evident in the pictures) that we decided to go home for a bath and a rest (and a little blogging time). Ed wants to head back now though (he bought a raffle ticket, and we mustn't miss the drawing!), so I'm off!

Happy Fourth of July!

**(Next Day Update) The fireworks really deserved their own post, but instead they get this footnote. They were incredible! We just got our property tax bill, which was substantially higher than we expected, and we are pretty sure most of it goes to pay for explosives. We did have an amazing view, right from our lawn chairs in the front yard. Ed and I agree that it was the best fireworks display we've ever seen. Bo just about had a nervous breakdown.


Elisheva Hannah Levin said...

Looks like a lot of fun.

We are adjusting to the 4th in our new place, too. When we lived in town, we lived uphill about 5 miles from Balloon Fiesta Park, so we were able to go up on the roof and watch the fireworks. Now the Sandia Mountains block our view of all fireworks.

So we'll probably celebrate in other ways.

Lucky N. is visiting my family in Bloomington, Illinois, where State Farm puts on a fireworks display a few short blocks from my Mom and Dad's house.

Jules said...

Looks like fun!!

I love small town parades and celebrations. It's usually the same type of thing across the country, but each place has its own local flavor.

And you lucky dogs- to be able to walk to the corner to watch the parade! That's great! ;)