Thursday, July 05, 2007

Happy Birthday, T.!

Nine years ago today, T. was born, and the universe shifted. You might not have noticed it, but in our little corner the change was monumental. T. made us parents, and gave us a sudden and permanent change in perspective.

My little boy has grown a lot in the past year, both in size and in maturity. I can't pick him up any more, no matter how much I'd sometimes like to, but he still sits in my lap, with long arms and legs sprawling out in all directions. His brain doesn't seem to have caught on to how big his body has grown, he is that klutz-y. He is the only person I know who can be just sitting on the couch, the toilet, or the bed and suddenly fall off! The poor kid is a mess of scrapes and bruises from tripping, falling, and bumping into anything and everything. But he's a good kid. He is always eager to help when I ask him, and truly does want to please us. He loves his little sister, and is more often kind to her than teasing. His passion is for drawing and making short movies, which makes it pretty funny when I remember how disappointed I was when I couldn't get him to take Any interest in drawing or coloring as a preschooler. Now I can't get him to stop drawing. He sometimes still forgets which circumstances call for serious, dignified behavior, but he's making good progress on this and really does mean well. He is passionate and emotional, and sometimes seems to experience life as a wild ride of fabulous heights and tragic depths. This can be a little wearing on his tired old parents, but it is certainly never dull.

I am grateful beyond words for my funny, warm, wonderful boy. Happy birthday, T.!

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Dy said...

Oh, what a delightful tribute to your sweet young man. He truly sounds like a delight. I love that you noted the universe shifting. It does do that, doesn't it?

Happy, Happy 9th!!!