Thursday, July 05, 2007

My Boy is Nine!

K. and I made T.'s "cake" this morning. He chose the Gummi-Worm Pudding Cake, from Veggie Tales' "Minnesota Cuke." This was a very good recipe for K. to prepare.

For T.'s "day of fun," we went to the library for a crafts program, then to our rock slide waterfall, and finally to our favorite ice cream store. A nice man at the waterfall let T. and K. use his rubber tube for sliding, and they had a fantastic time. The birthday boy chose spaghetti and meatballs for dinner, and the fourth Harry Potter movie for our evening activity. (And we have a lovely pile of new birthday books to read at bedtime!)

I think he had a pretty great day!

(I think the final picture is a "blooper." Mostly, K. was happy to slide down the rock with her brother, but in this picture she's got a bit of a death-grip on poor T. I guess she got a little nervous.)


Elisheva Hannah Levin said...

It looks like a great day!

What a pleasure it must be to have running water all year around where you live.

My N. really likes the cake you made. Last year, at a neighborhood picnic, someone made that cake and put it into little idividual- serving-sized flower pots. With edible flowers on top. They were really cute!
But probably too "girly-girl" for T. who is a manly age of 9! :)

Melora said...

It was just about as good as a day ever is! (If only I hadn't smashed my toe on the way out the door to the library!) The water is wonderful. I was never a beach person (I don't like the salty stickiness & sand), but fresh water is definitely my thing.

We once did the pudding & edible flowers in pots, and another time we did them in little cups with "tombstones" (really cookies, with RIP piped on) nestled in and worms. It is hard to go wrong with pudding and oreos.

andie said...

Happy Birthday to you, T.!

And Mom: Well. No wonder T. and John sound so much alike. They were born only ten days apart!

John was late, late, late. While you were giving birth, I was likely lying on the couch, crying and begging my boy to exit. :)

Looks like a wonderful birthday!

Melora said...

Thank you! (and happy birthday to you, too!)
I guess I was pretty wimpy about T. being a day late then? He was "due" on the 4th, and mid-afternoon I had Ed call the doctor to ask Now could I please be induced? He waited til 2:oo in the morning of the 5th to start being born, the pokey little thing!

Cherrypie said...

T got a better cake than Jack ( who was 17 on the same day) and that waterslide looks great. I do hope you tried it too X