Sunday, July 29, 2007

Sleepy Blogger

My brain has already gone to sleep, but the rest of me is stubbornly insisting on staying up and posting a little here. If my blog were usually filled with deep insight and sparkling wit, this might matter, but since all I have to talk about is goofy kids, cute pets, and home improvements, sleep blogging ought to work fine.

Speaking of home improvements, we have bookcases. My picture shows them with the stain/varnish stuff still drying on them (see, I'm actually Writing about paint drying -- that must make some sort of record for blogging dullness, eh?), but they are now about half loaded, maybe more. Ed was rather dismayed when I immediately filled the bottom two shelves with games, school supplies, and school books and started hinting about how great it would be to have the shelves by the fireplace finished Soon so that I could put all (okay, many of) the books up and use the school area without construction disturbances. "Yup. We did fine with those shelves, honey. Now, let's get going on some More!" I'll post more pictures soon of the filled shelves, and of my maps and whiteboard in their new locations.

In other news, we enjoyed a birthday party (a refreshingly short two hours), a pot-luck at church (I brought my gummy worm dish, and it was all eaten), and more Harry Potter. A good weekend, though I could have used another twelve or so hours.

**Hey look! I even put Bo and Harry to sleep! And they can't even read. Good-night!


Amy said...

Nice bookshelves. I wish we had room for more. Have fun filling those up with books. That is always the best part.

By the way we are heading to W.Jeff on Thursday and I will be up there all weekend. Do you want to try to catch up?

warramra at earthlink dot net


Melora said...

I'd love to get together! I will e-mail you.

andie said...

I'm wary of complimenting anyone's bookshelves, thanks to The Board, but those are NICE! ;)

I very much liked your paint drying post, too.

Elisheva Hannah Levin said...

The shelves look lovely empty. I imagine how they will look against the brick and full of books. I think it will give the room a nice, homey feel.

We are still plugging away on the floors! It is a load of work--but we are beginning to see how they will look!