Thursday, August 02, 2007

I've Finally Met Another Blogger!

We had a Wonderful Treat today! Amy, of Mudpies and Paint (why do I still not know how to embed links in my text?), and her four wonderful children stopped by for a visit on their way to see relatives. She was just as sweet and smart and kind in real life as she is in bloggyland, and her children are charming, adorable, and very well behaved! It was so cool to meet someone for the first time and already sort of know each other. It was also nice to be able to say something about "my blog" or "the board" to someone-not-Ed and be understood! We had pizza and cookies and our K.'s (our K. and her K. are only six months apart in age) played dolls, and T. and Mary played Nintendo. We wandered over to the cemetery with T. and Mary and the extraordinarily agreeable baby Robby in order to return part of a grave stone (it wasn't as bad as it sounds!), and found some blackberries on the way back. Before they left, Mary, who is Completely Fearless, captured a Giant praying mantis (I'd say it was about 8 inches long, but it might have been as small as six inches) and took him off to visit her grandparents in her bug-box. Lucky grandparents! Yay Mary! We talked about meeting up at Stone Mountain to do a little rock sliding on Monday, so we are looking forward to seeing them again soon.

And now, my pictures that prove that we have done more than read Harry Potter this past week! Well, the kitchen backsplash was done earlier, but look at how nicely I cleared off the counter for this picture! And I'm rapidly filling my nice new book case -- doesn't it look happy, all full of books & junk? Finally, and this will only be appreciated by those who have visited our house irl, a picture of the corner of our dining room -- with no stacks of books on the floor. You can't really tell from the picture, but the dining room table was completely bare when this picture was taken. We still have a way to go, but I think we are getting close to the point where T.'s friends can come over and not comment "You guys are kind of weird," as they peer nervously at the stacks of books and boxes and the cat living in the fireplace. Not that we won't be weird, but it won't be quite so readily apparent.

The kids and I went blueberry picking late this afternoon. People less than a mile down the road have a patch (or whatever you call a large area of blueberry bushes), and they put out their "Come Pick Blueberries" sign a couple weeks ago. We had fun, and filled our two and a half lb coffee can before anyone got bored. Guess what we are having for dessert tonight? We have enough to eat on our cereal and for another pie, or maybe the Blueberry Crunch (a sort of blueberry/pineapple crumble, with yellow cake mix, nuts, and butter to make the topping) that the owner gave us the recipe for. He also invited us to a pot luck at the Baptist church at the corner on Sunday. Too bad we don't care for the theology at that church, because otherwise they are a wonderful bunch of people!


dhugs said...

The house looks beautiful! And warm and cozy and, of course, official (the classroom that is!)

Melora said...

Thanks! There is still lots to be done -- when is it you are coming to visit again? (Just kidding! You will be a lady of leisure when you are with us, though Harry says he will require some pats.)

andie said...

Oh, Melora, it looks lovely!

Wisteria said...

Looks like you need to start a second bookcase. You have worked hard.

Melora said...

Andie & Wisteria,
Thank you. We put back up one of the bookcases beside the fireplace today, after insulating behind it, so once the trim is up and it is stained I will be able to unbox some more. It is nice to finally start to see things coming together!