Wednesday, July 18, 2007

We Keep Plugging Along

All is going well with swimming classes, as well as with our other pursuits. T. is, according to his own proud report, one of the top swimmers in his class (and I make no comment about what this must mean about the dog paddling styles of his classmates), and he is enjoying his class very much. K. has also been fairly happy with her class, except that she has been missing out on the part at the end of class where the children are supposed to jump off the side of the pool to the waiting instructors. Of course, the reason she has been missing out is that she is a bit shy (in certain situations), and hangs back where the instructors don't notice her. Today, I gathered my courage and spoke to one of the teenage teachers (I find groups of teenagers so intimidating!) about K.'s slight shyness and how she would really like to be included in the jumping. They made a point of making sure K. got to jump in the pool, and she was much happier after class today.

Our bookcase in the back room is progressing nicely, and I think it is possible that we will be using the back room for a school room by September. (It will still have the awful, paint stained, full-of-holes carpet, but if I can have my maps and white board, and get some of the books off the dining room floor, I'll be pleased as punch!). The grouting of the backsplash is still only half done. Ed wanted to take the kids to swimming today, so I could finish, but K. tearfully insisted that she needed me. It would be nice to get that project done, but it is good to be needed!


melissa said...

Awwwwww......Good for you standing up for K! You know what? I used to be intimidated by teens too, but now that I have 2, it's not at all scary! They're actually fun! Best of luck with all the home improvement. Sounds like it's going well.

Wisteria said...

You'll have to post pictures of your new school room. I'm so jealous!

Dy said...

Good for you! (And personally, I think Melissa's lost her mind. Her teens are awesome, but go back and read about her foray into the theater a month or so ago! ROFLOL!)

Honestly, I think the teens who are willing to do this kind of work do care and do want to do well by the children. But, they're young, and not entirely aware of the dynamics of being small (or at least how the Big People need to accomodate the Small People Dynamics). I'm really glad you said something - everybody wins.

Goooooo DogPaddlin' T!!!

Elisheva Hannah Levin said...

Sounds like you are a little shy with the teens, too!

Before I was a teacher, I was pretty nervous around teens myself. They have that edgy energy and seem unpredictable and clumsy as well! HA!

My first teaching assignment was freshman biology and wellness. Freshmen are the most edgy, jumpy, unpredictable of them all! By the end of that first year I could go on talking while a student tripped over the doorframe and managed to land at the desk with books only slightly askew!

Melora said...

I'm a terrible wimp, but I do force myself to overcome my fears (such as of groups of teenagers) when my kids really need me to!

I Am going to post pictures when the room becomes usable. I've been waiting for a year, and now we are getting close it is quite exciting!

Thanks! I do remember Melissa's post about the theatre -- now That would be terrifying! I think they really are nice kids. They just have such cool self confidence (which I Didn't have at that age), and they are in a pack, and I am frumpy and insecure. It is pathetic, really.

I can't imagine facing a class of freshmen! When I was a children's librarian, I was fine with groups of little kids, and I could deal with the occasional teenage volunteer, but Groups of teenagers just make me nervous.